Williams Lake Curling Club, Williams Lake, BC

“I am Canadian, eh!” BONSPIEL

Please click the links below for the draws, which starts at 7pm on Friday, February 7th.  Good curling to everyone!

Men’s Bonspiel Draw 2019_20

2019_20 Women’s Bonspiel


100 Mile House and Williams Lake Curling Clubs’ “Doubles Bonspiels” are happening on the same dates in February, but they are two very different events.  Here is a summary from both clubs:

  •  The Williams Lake’s FUNSPIEL is:
    • Meant primarily for our club members, but out-of-town teams are welcome to attend
    • Will be capped at 12 teams  …  a waiting list will be kept
    • Is a one-day event, starting at noon and ending around 6pm – Dinner served at 6:15pm – lounge open all day
    • Is a way to introduce the game of Doubles in a non-competitive nature
    • Is intended to be low-key, yet fun
      • who doesn’t like a good game of curling  …  just a few prizes this time
      • 3 games, random draw – no stats will be kept
    • Is intended for all ability levels of curling – this is an introduction to Doubles with a Funspiel
    • For all the details see the poster by clicking here: doubles bonspiel poster.2020
  • The 100 Mile House Curling Club’s BONSPIEL is:
    • An “Open Bonspiel” meant for both club and out-of-town teams
    • Is a regular competitive Bonspiel
    • Can accommodate up to 16 teams  …. 10 have already registered (Jan. 26th, 2020)
    • Is a 3 day event with cash prizes
    • Is intended for all levels of players but teams should have a basic grasp of the game & know the basic rules as well
    • More details in the poster to the right.

The 100 Mile House and Williams Lake Curling Clubs are working together to offer Doubles competitions at all levels, on the same weekend, and we are hoping that teams will have an opportunity to attend the kind of Bonspiel that meets their needs at their level.  While the WLCC does not currently have an active “Doubles League”, the 100 Mile House Curling Club does – playing every 2nd Friday evenings, hence the level of knowledge & competition could be a bit higher at the 3 day event in 100 Mile House.  This “joint venture” weekend is a great opportunity for all curlers to enjoy the game of Doubles at their comfort and game level.  Thanks to the 100 Mile House Curling Club for hosting their “Open Doubles Bonspiel”!  Good curling to everyone  ….  regardless of which event you attend!



The club’s “Learn To Curl School Program” has been up and running since the beginning of November, and we are currently in our 2nd session that runs every Tuesday and Friday until to February 25th.  There have been over 15 volunteers already out for the first couple of weeks, and the 3rd week (Feb. 4th & 7th) is also covered, but we need more volunteers to help with this program for the last 2 weeks of lessons (Feb. 14th, Feb. 18th, Feb. 21st, Feb. 25th)!!!  We are using a program called “SignUp” to help members easily access the information and dates, but more importantly, to sign up to help with this exciting and very popular program.  Got a few hours  …  come on down and help out  ….  it’s a ton of fun!!!  Please click the SignUp link below to get you there, or you can sign up on the sheets on the bulletin board at the club.  Just think of the positive effect you will have on the students you coach!  Hope to see you there!!!

Click to View Volunteer Opportunities on SignUp.com



The Ron Bisaro rink was victorious this past weekend at the 61st Annual Men’s Bonspiel in 100 Mile House.  Please click here for details and pictures.  Congrats to Ron, Bill Garratt, Mark Law and John Hoyrup!



LADIES FUN BONSPIELThis is the first Bonspiel of 2020, taking place on Saturday, January 18th.  It will start at 10:30am with sign-up and a chance for brand new players to get a bit of a lesson and some practise in before the Funspiel begins.  There will be two six-end games with a lunch break between them, so it should all wrap up in by late afternoon.  This is a FUNSPIEL and is geared for all ranges of playing ability from absolutely brand new curlers to stick curlers to seasoned veterans.  Teams will be made up from all the entries so that everyone is mixed in a manner to allow for fun while learning/playing games.  Cost is $20, including lunch.  For new players the club will supply all the equipment and lessons.  You are encouraged to wear loose/comfortable & warm clothing and you MUST carry in a pair of clean in-door runners for wearing on the ice.  Please follow us on Facebook for posters and more info.

CANADIAN INSTITUTE OF MINING BONSPIELThis is closed Bonspiel and will take place on Saturday, Februrary 1st starting at 11am.  This is a private event but we know that many of our community and club members will be involved through their company and the CIM association.  Due to this bonspiel there will not be any Drop-In Curling that Saturday.

MENS/LADIES JOINT BONSPIELThis is the weekend of February 7th, 8th, 9th 2020.  This year’s theme is “I Am Canadian, Eh!” (sorry about so many capital letters, eh!). Click here for info.  More details will follow in the New Year.  Posters are up at the rink.   Please follow this on FaceBook as well.

DOUBLES FUNSPIELThe WLCC is hosting an Open Doubles Funspiel on February 22nd.  This will be a one-day event with the guarantee of three games, followed by a dinner. The purpose of this event is to have a one-day “recreational” Funspiel where curlers can learn the game of doubles with other interested curlers from our club.  This Funspiel is meant for our club members and is not intended to be a highly competitive “Bonspiel”  …  more like a “Learn to Curl Doubles” Funspiel.  Click the link above for details.  A sign-up sheet has been posted at the club.   HERE’S AN IDEA – In order to get ready for this Funspiel members should come out on Saturday nights and practise with their teams in games against others.  A number of teams did this before Christmas and it was a ton of fun AND gave the players a really good feel for what the game of Doubles is all about.

MIXED BONSPIELMarch 6th, 7th & 8th will see many “mixed” male/female teams from the club and from out-of-town vying for top place in “A”, “B”, and “C” events.  We are still in the initial planning stages so check back for more info in a couple of weeks and/or follow us on Facebook.


STICK CURLING LEAGUEThis has become so popular that Stick Curling is now two days every week  …. Mondays starting at 11am and Thursdays at 2pm.  Bill Rand is the organizer and he asks that curlers arrive about 30 minutes early so that teams can be determined and equipment obtained.  Everyone is invited upstairs afterwards for some great social time!  For more info click here.

DROP-IN CURLINGThe Curling Club is booked for the next 5 weeks so the rink is not available for Drop-In Curling until January 2020.  We’d like to thank everyone who has attended our Saturday Drop-In sessions so far this year  ….  we’ve all had a ton of fun!!!  Hope to see everyone back on January 11th, 2020!  One thing to think about in the New Year is using Saturday nights to practise “Doubles” curling.  Lessons/Rules/Strategy will be explained if needed.


Curling Coaches Dec. 15th, 2019.  Missing from picture are Jerry Mooney, Bill Rand, Mike Pedersen & Ken Kvist.

Managing the lounge, making the ice, running many programs, doing the maintenance, hosting Christmas Parties (6 this year!) and serving on the executive ….  all these things have something in common  ……  these are all done by club members who volunteer their time  ….  and what a great job all these people do!!!  All members get to enjoy a fantastic facility, both on and off the ice, thanks to the many hours of volunteer time put in by  fellow members.  If you see people behind the bar, coaching school kids, making the ice, fixing things, hosting newcomers, and just taking care of things at the  club, say THANKS!  Without all of our volunteers we couldn’t have such a great club!!! Everyone is invited to help!  Throughout the season there will be many more opportunities for members to step forward and help out in some little way that makes a big difference.  Please consider giving a few hours of your time to help make our club the best it can be so we all continue to enjoy this great Canadian sport.  Again, thanks to all you volunteers out there …  all of your efforts are greatly appreciated!!!!  The Curling Club is the place to be 6 days a week, thanks to you!


If you want more info, after thoroughly checking out our web page, you can follow us on FaceBook (Williams Lake Curling Club), email the club at wlcc@shaw.ca, or phone us at (250) 392-4636.  Someone will get back to you promptly!  Please remember to tell your friends about all of our great leagues and programs!  Good curling  …..


  • Saturday, February 8th – NO JUNIOR LESSONS today.
  • February 7th, 8th & 9th – Mens and Ladies Joint Bonspiel. Check our Bonspiels page for details.
  • Saturday, February 8th – NO DROP-IN CURLING today.
  • Friday, February 14th & 21st – Cariboo Adventist Academy school lessons.  4 volunteers needed.  Please sign up to help coach these students on the bulletin board at the rink.
  • Saturday, February 15th – Family Day Long Weekend – NO JUNIOR LESSONS today.
  • Saturday, February 15th – Drop-In Curling from 7 – 10pm.  Click here for more info.
  • Saturday, February 22nd – All Junior Lessons from 9am – 10:30am today.
  • Saturday, February 22nd – Doubles Funspiel – Starts at 11am.  Check our Bonspiels page for details.
  • Saturday, February 22nd – NO DROP-IN CURLING today.
  • Saturday, February 29th – Last day of Drop-In Curling for this year.
  • Saturday, March 7th – NO JUNIOR LESSONS today.
  • March 6th, 7th, & 8th – Mixed Bonspiel – Check our Bonspiels page for details.
  • Friday, March 13th – Last day of curling for this year.