Williams Lake Curling Club, Williams Lake, BC


This year’s AGM was held on May 5th, 2021 via ZOOM.  As usual, it was a very busy meeting with many items on the Agenda.  Of importance is that all but one of the Executive and Board members remained in their roles and are looking forward to working hard on your behalf for the upcoming curling season!  Thanks to all of last year’s Board members & Manager who worked so hard during the pandemic to make our curling experience as good as possible, and who kept us safe and healthy!  This was not an easy task, but it was well worth tackling!  Also, this was our first AGM under our new Constitution  … and it was awesome!  A HUGE thanks to the committee that worked so hard at re-writing and updating our Constitution (Lynn & Bruce Geier, Bill Rand, Ken Hall).  This has been an on-going project for about 10 years and is now completed … yea!

We wish to welcome one new Executive Member, Donna Shiach, as our new Treasurer.  Welcome aboard, Donna!!!  What a great addition to the Executive of the WLCC!  We wish to thank Darcy Lilico, who vacated the position, for his hard work over the past many years.  Darcy has been a very active member of the WLCC, holding Executive, Board, and League Rep positions in the past.  We wish him well in his new adventures with his family, and we will welcome him back any time upon his return!

We also welcome Bill Rand to the Board as the Stick League Rep.  Along with being an Ice-Tech for the past 20+ years, and being involved in many other ways at the Curling Club, Bill has also been the Stick-Curling organizer for a number of years. It’s nice to be able to finally recognize this role, thanks to our new Constitution!  Thanks for organizing this very important league, Bill, and welcome aboard!!!

For a complete list of members who work on your behalf, please click on the “About Us – Executive Members” tab on the right.

If you are interested in the Minutes, complete with our financial report and all of the other Reports presented, please click here.

Other really good news that has everyone optimistic at this time is our Province’s progress with the COVID pandemic.  Vaccinations are up, cases are trending down, and a 4 phase plan of re-opening has been developed by the Province.  If we continue in this direction we can all look forward to a full year of “normal” curling in the Fall.  While that is not a promise, it is an optimistic outlook, so the Board has already started working on a re-opening plan for the fall.  We still all have to do our parts to help ourselves and our community get back to as normal a state as possible.  Stay safe  …  stay kind  …  stay informed.


Just an update to let everyone know what’s happening at the Curling Club.  Being as the club is currently shut

May 1st

down the Board/Executive decided it was a good time to start Phase 1 of our Accessibility/Inclusiveness building project, namely the construction for the

April 1st

installation of an elevator.  The timing for the club is perfect, and as it turned out, the timing for Hoelzler Construction to do the work was also perfect.  A crew of 6 volunteers did some pre-work, moving things around, completing demolition, and completing site preparations in order for construction to begin  …..  and begin it did on March 29th. 


Due to the scope of the project it’s been broken down into phases.  Phase 1, the elevator shaft construction, will be completed by the end of May.  Phase 2, the purchase and installation of the elevator, will have to wait until we procure more funds, but we are hoping to have it done before the season begins in the Fall. Future

May 1st
April 1st

phases will include upgrading all our washrooms, making accessibility to the ice surface smooth with a ramp, and making the entrance way accessible with new automatic doors and a level entrance pad.

The Board/Executive wishes to extend a big “thanks” to everyone who has already volunteered time.  In the future we may need more volunteers, and probably more financial backing, so stay tuned as we move forward with this very exciting and important project at our club.

April 1st
May 1st



All information and documents related to the Williams Lake Curling Club’s COVID Safety  Plan and Return to Curling Plan, along with any updates that have resulted from announcements made by Dr. Bonnie Henry, can now be found in the “COVID-19 Info” tab at the top of our main page.  We will endeavor to keep all info current.  If you can’t find an answer to a question please don’t hesitate to contact Ken Hall (Manager) via phone or email.


Please click on the “Curling I/O Registration link at the top of this page for all info and instructions.  If you are due to receive a refund due to the cancellation of the 2nd half of the season it will be completed through Curling I/O and the method of payment you used will be credited your refund balance.


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COVID-19February 7th, 2021


STICK CURLING LEAGUEThis has become so popular that Stick Curling is now two days every week  …. Mondays starting at 11am and Thursdays at 1pm.  Bill Rand is the organizer and he asks that curlers arrive about 30 minutes early so that teams can be determined and equipment obtained.  Everyone is invited upstairs afterwards for some great social time!  For more info click here.

DROP-IN CURLINGThis has become a very popular activity for family and friends on Saturday evenings from 7 – 10pm.  Cost is only $10/person for non-members and members curl for free.  The club supplies all equipment needed, including lessons, for beginners and people wishing to try out this amazing sport – all players have to wear is some warm/stretchy clothing and clean indoor runners to wear on the ice (please carry these in … no outdoor footwear allowed on the ice!).  Come on down and join us when the season starts in November.


Curling Coaches Dec. 15th, 2019.  Missing from picture are Jerry Mooney, Bill Rand, Mike Pedersen & Ken Kvist.  We taught 50 brand new curlers the skills needed to enjoy a game  …  and they did!!!

Managing the lounge, making the ice, running many programs, doing the maintenance, hosting Christmas Parties (6 this year!) and serving on the executive ….  all these things have something in common  ……  these are all done by club members who volunteer their time  ….  and what a great job all these people do!!!  All members get to enjoy a fantastic facility, both on and off the ice, thanks to the many hours of volunteer time put in by  fellow members.  If you see people behind the bar, coaching school kids, making the ice, fixing things, hosting newcomers, and just taking care of things at the  club, say THANKS!  Without all of our volunteers we couldn’t have such a great club!!! Everyone is invited to help!  Throughout the season there will be many more opportunities for members to step forward and help out in some little way that makes a big difference.  Please consider giving a few hours of your time to help make our club the best it can be so we all continue to enjoy this great Canadian sport.  Again, thanks to all you volunteers out there …  all of your efforts are greatly appreciated!!!!  The Curling Club is the place to be 6 days a week, thanks to you!


If you want more info, after thoroughly checking out our web page, you can follow us on FaceBook (Williams Lake Curling Club), email the club at wlcc@shaw.ca, or phone us at (250) 392-4636.  Someone will get back to you promptly!  Please remember to tell your friends about all of our great leagues and programs!  Good curling  …..


  • New curling season to start in October, 2021.