Williams Lake Curling Club, Williams Lake, BC


The Curling Club is pleased to announce the hiring of our new Club Manager and we’d like to welcome Natasha Johnson to our curling family.  Natasha is a Williams Lake girl who is energetic, enthusiastic, and can’t wait to get started.  You may have seen Natasha in the paper recently as she’s the inauger Founder/Coach/Manager of the new Williams Lake Women’s Rustlers rugby team and while she wraps up the rugby season with her players she will be tackling the role of Club Manager starting in early October.  In the meantime Ken Hall will continue on as Interim Club Manager and help Natasha learn the ropes of our club.  A big “thanks” goes out to Ken for assuming this role over the summer.  It has taken many hours of his time to get to know the role, and now he will use his expertise to train Natasha and to see that a seamless transfer of knowledge occurs over the next month or so.  Again  … Welcome aboard, Natasha!


It’s almost here  …  that’s right, curling season is almost upon us!!!!  Our opening week, October 7th – 11th, is for teams to come down and pay & play  … that’s right, league fees are due so “pay up” and then stick around and take advantage of the ice to “play” … aka get in some pre-season practise. 

The big news, though, is that this year there are free lessons all week long for new curlers, young and old!!!  Tell your friends, tell families with children about our Junior programs, and share information from our FaceBook and web pages.  Be involved by volunteering some time to help coach new members  during this first week  …  young or old  …  and constantly be positive and vocal ambassadors of the Williams Lake Curling Club.  “It takes a village to raise a child”, and the same goes for keeping a vibrant not-for-profit club like ours going!

Check out this year’s poster here …. Curling Poster 2019

The Ice Technicians, headed by Ken Kvist with help from Bill Rand, Rick Miller, Bruce Geier, and rookie Dave Jeanotte have been busy cleaning, prepping, and flooding every day since the middle of September.  They are almost ready to lay down the sheets and then to continue more flooding and adding the hacks, advertisements, and all the other things that go into getting the ice ready for the coming season.  Everything is currently on track, so barring any break-downs of the equipment, which has happened the past couple of years, they will have the ice ready in plenty of time for our October 7th start.  Thanks to our ice crew  … they do a lot of work and make it so the rest of the club can do a lot of playing, and that’s what we want to do …..  Good Curling!


The Curling Club’s annual Work Bee was held on September 14th.  A HUGE thanks to the very small but capable crew that came out to get the club ready for this coming season.  In attendance were Mike Pedersen, Ken Hall, Ken Kvist, Bill Rand, Bruce Geier, Todd Routtu, Brenda Jeanotte, Dave Jeanotte, Darcy Lillico, Roger Hicks, and Sheldon Anholt.  What that means is there were representatives from all 5 of our regular leagues, which is really gratifying to see.  Thanks to Mike Pedersen for making sure there was plenty of coffee and snacks to go feed the hungry workers.  Great job, everyone  …  the club looks fantastic!


Registration for the Williams Lake Curling Club 2019-2020 season will be held October 7-11, 2019, from 6-8:30pm.   As in past years, all fees must be paid during this week.  Please pre-register your team roster by phone (250) 392-4636, or email (wlcc@shaw.ca) during the month of September.  It is the Skip’s responsibility to make sure that their team’s fees are paid in full as teams can’t be added to the league schedule until this is completed. 

It is our hope to have our leagues starting on October 15th, which is the Tuesday right after the Thanksgiving Holiday.  At this time the plan is to have the Fun/Social League on Mondays, the Ladies League on Wednesdays, Men’s is on Thursdays, and the Mixed League is on Fridays.  If pre-liminary registration numbers are correct there will be enough teams to keep our Sponsor’s League on Tuesday nights so the fate of the Doubles League for this year is still unknown.  New this year – We are planning to initiate a Drop-In League on Saturday evenings and will be looking for volunteers to help run this league.  So much happening now that October is almost upon us!


This year’s Curling season: 

October 7th, 2019 to

 March 13, 2020