Saturday Night Drop-In Curling

Jo-Jo and her mom at Drop-In curling night.


Saturday Night Drop-In Curling is now over for this year so the club won’t be open on Feb. 26th, March 5th, or March 12th.  What a great year we’ve had with large crowds attending almost every Saturday night.  There was always a mixture of seasoned members who came out to practise, people quite new to curling who wanted to learn more and play more games, and couples/families who had never tried curling before so wanted to “hurry hard”.   Lessons were always available and many a game was started by picking up random people to make teams  … what fun!!!  The WLCurling Club thanks everyone who attended and also wishes to thank the volunteers who opened the ice and lounge, taught lessons, and made the club a welcome and lively place to be  …  you know who you are!!!! We hope to see everyone back next Fall as we will start up again right after the Thanksgiving holiday.  Happy Spring and Summer everyone!


We are so thankful that this year we can offer our very popular  Drop-In Curling at the WLCurling Club!  The Drop-In Curling program will run every Saturday evening starting on October 16th, 2021.  Drop-In curling is like other drop-in sports (bowling, swimming, skating, etc) whereby anyone can come down to the club between 7 & 9pm to try their hand at curling.  This is a family-friendly activity so bring down the family or gather a group of friends and come try your hand at curling. 

Schedule:  Oct. 16, Oct. 23rd, Oct. 30th, Nov. 13th, Nov. 20th, Nov. 27th, Dec. Dec. 11th.  No curling on Nov. 6th and Dec. 4th.

As with all sport & recreation facilities, the WLCC is bound by the terms of our current Public Health Order regarding COVID-19.  Specifically:

  • in order to participate in any curling at the WLCC, all adults (persons over 21 years of age) must be fully vaccinated and must show their Vaccination Card (Passport) upon entry into the WLCC. 
  • all adults and children must wear a mask while in the common areas of the club  … entrance way, downstairs lobby, locker rooms, washrooms, downstairs bleachers, upstairs lounge.
  • all adults and children must social distance with non-family members while at the club, including being appropriately spaced on the ice or in the common areas mentioned above.
  • Masks are not mandatory while on the ice so the wearing of masks while curling is left to the discretion of the individual.

The question of what to bring is always first on everyone’s mind.  First off, all curling equipment is supplied so you don’t need to purchase anything ahead of time.   All people MUST carry in a pair of clean in-door runners that they can wear on the ice and for your comfort, you should wear stretchy or loose fitting, warm, clothing and all children 12 & under require a helmet (bike, hockey, skiing etc).  The cost is $10/person for non-members while current members play for free.  There is always someone at the rink to help first time curlers with some basic lessons to get you started and often times members ask new players to join them in games.  It’s a great way to be with family and friends, learn how to curl, and spend some social time together afterwards in our upstairs lounge which is open to children and adults until 10pm (it may not always be open on Saturday evenings).  Please click here, Saturday Drop In Curling 2021, to view our poster as it gives more info.  You can also follow us on FaceBook.  Come one  …  come all  …  come and have a great time while learning one of Canada’s greatest winter past-times!

Young Professionals of Williams Lake at Saturday Night Drop-In Curling. All but 2 members were first-time curlers. They all had a blast!!!