New Curlers

Curling Benefits

Curling is a great way to get excercise in a fun, social environment.  Watch this great video for a brief overview:

Curling Equipment

When you’re just starting out, bring a pair of clean, indoor running shoes.  The club rents brooms for $1 per game.  As you become more comfortable on the ice, you can start using a slider and grippers or you can purchase curling shoes.  As well, you can purchase your own broom.  Other than that, dress in layers as, even though you are in a rink, you are exercising.

Curling Training

We have many experience curlers in our club that can assist with correct sliding and brushing techniques, however this 5 minute video will run through the major moves.

You can find many helpful video at this site or you can type in ‘learn curling lessons for new curlers videos’ into any search engine like Google to find helpful and sometimes entertaining lessons.

Curling Tips

Curling is a sport of courtesy, honesty, and sportsmanhisp.  You can find the written rules on the Curl Canada site Rules of General Play.

For the Monday, Social League, each week we will have a ‘Tip of the Week’ to help you learn some of the more basic rule.