2 Person Stick League

Stick Curling has become very popular and is now playing on both Mondays and Thursdays.  Monday’s game time is 11am and Thursdays is 1pm.  Please arrive 30 minutes early so that teams can be made up, equipment is obtained, and so everyone can get out on the ice on time.

The fee for this league is $5.00/person/session plus a one-time $20 CurlBC Affiliation Fee and a one-time $20 Capital Improvement Fee, and a one-time $5 Membership Fee paid at the start of each season.  Each team consists of two players and only 4 people play per sheet of ice.  Teams play for about 2 hours – usually two 6 end games. There are 6 rocks per team that are curled each end.  Rules are available at the rink and we have some sticks and brooms for you to use if you do not have your own.

Come and try out our new league. You do not need to have any special equipment and/or clothing for this league.  The club supplies the “sticks” so all you need is something warm to wear and good clean, non slip shoes for wearing on the ice.  The club does have a selection of grippers, for better traction, that you can put over your shoes.  NO OUTDOOR shoes, please!

We have 6 sheets available to us which means we can accommodate up to 24 people each session.  Please join your friends afterwards upstairs for some great social time.  This is a great way to meet new people and stay acquainted to some of your “curling” friends.  It’s much warmer in the rink than it is outside!!!  Hope to see you there!