Sponsor League

In the past our Sponsors’ League, which is every Tuesday starting at 7:00pm, has been the place for teams of all configurations (single gender or mixed gender) that are highly skilled and very competitive to do battle against each other.  This is still a very competitive league but has undergone some changes in that now both experienced curlers and curlers new to the sport, but not new to competition, join together for great games.  The Sponsors’ League plays 8 ends and usually ends around 9pm, but some of the games are very tight and strategic so games in this league may go longer.  Still, the members find time to head up-stairs afterwards to socialize with friends, and of course they re-live “the good, the bad, and the ugly” shots taken during the course of their gamse.  Currently there are only 4 teams in this league so you get to meet the other teams once every 3 weeks, making for many great rivalries throughout the season.

View or download the draws by clicking on the link below:

Sponsor’s League Schedule 2019.2020

Sponsor’s League 2020 winners – Dave Jeanotte, Brian Purdy, Mark Bearg, John Dryden