Men’s League

The Mens’ League plays every Thursday night starting at 7:00pm.  Games are scheduled for 8 ends so it usually takes a little over 2 hours to complete a game.  This is a competitive league but contains members of all abilities, from players brand-new to curling to experienced players who have played at the Provincial level and everything in between.  For men who; enjoy playing competitive sports, enjoy working on improving from shot-to-shot and game-to-game, love the strategic part of a game, then this is a great league for you.  While the league is competitive, the members are also very helpful, working with newer members to help them improve their shots and their play-making.  Win or lose, after each game you will find most members socializing upstairs.  If you are new to town or to curling this is a great way to meet many new people as this is the most popular league at the WLCC this year.  Currently there are 11 teams in this league, and we’d love one more team, so if you’re interested please call or email the club and we will help you in your efforts to put together that 12th team.

View or download the draws by clicking on the link below:

Thursday Night Curling Schedule.Fall.2019

Thursday Night Curling Schedule Winter 2020



Congrats to the Bisaro Rink for their win at the 100 Mile Men’s Bonspiel on January 19th, 2020.  According to the 100 Mile Free Press, they were involved in some great games and Ron pulled off a triple take-out on Sheet C to win their semi-final game.  Sheet C was very heavy and most of the spectators thought it was an impossible shot ….  but Ron pulled it off, amazing the crowd!

The final game summary:  After 2nd end is was 1-1.  In the third end Bisaro got 2 and Sikiric came back with 1 in the 4th.  But Bisaro started pulling ahead with a 3-ender in the 5th and by the end of the 7th end it was 7 to 3.  In the 8th, Bisaro ran Ethan Sikiric out of rocks for a 7-3 win.

Bisaro team names:  Skip – Ron Bisaro, Third – Bill Garratt, 2nd – Mark Law, Lead – John Hoyrup