Junior & Teen Curling


Your Optimists Curl BC Raffle Tickets are ready!!!!

Usually tickets for the Optimist Curling Fundraiser can be purchased at the club but, due to the COVID pandemic, the process has been changed to accommodate prospective supporters.  This year tickets are available on-0line as well as through the mail ….  see below for more on purchasing your tickets through the mail.  For on-line purchases, please click here:  buy your raffle ticket for the 2020/21 season.

Only 2000 Tickets … $20 each.

$5000 Grand Prize as well as ten $500 Prizes!

The net proceeds from the 2020-2021 Optimist Clubs of BC/Curl BC raffle tickets will support two exciting new BC Youth Curling Development programs, Blizzard Curling (U6 – U14) and Passion Curling (U15-U21).  Funds raised will discount the instructor training costs to Curl BC Member Clubs.  Check out these exciting new programs on the Curl BC website www.curlbc.ca and click on this page: https://www.curlbc.ca/passion-curling-programs/

Click here to buy your raffle ticket for the 2020/21 season on-line and to pay with e transfer.  You also have the option of obtaining them through the mail …. order with a cheque payable to “Coquitlam Optimist Club“.  The address is 114 – 19131 Ford Road, Pitt Meadows, BC V3Y 2R5.  When you transfer your payment to the following email address, akersey@telus.net, there is no special question or secret answer, it’s a secure automatic deposit.  The pop-up will say Strider Education Legacies, which has Sole Proprietorship and is being used for this Optimist fundraiser this year.

The Draw date is April 3, 2021 at the Royal City Curling Club in New Westminster.

Thank you, everyone, for your terrific support in purchasing Optimists Curl BC raffle tickets over the years to benefit nearly 1,000 youth already in your BC communities.

Sincere best regards,

Optimist Al    (778-988-4337)


Again this year we will be having lessons for Junior Curlers (7 – 12 years) and Teen Curlers (Grade 7 – 12 students).  Our Coach, Rick Miller, is a trained and certified curling coach who engages players in dynamic drills, skill development and games at all levels.  He looks forward to welcoming all past players and new-comers to another exciting season of curling.

Program Information

  • There will be two Junior lessons based on age.  This gives curlers a chance to learn with other athletes similar to them.
  • There will be one Teen time for all Gr. 7 – 12 students.  We hope to form a team and, if the rules governing team travel allow it, we’d like to travel to at least one bonspiel this year.
  • There will be 2 sessions for each of the groups giving new curlers a chance to sign up part way through the year.
    • Fall Session is from mid October to mid December.
    • Winter Session will start in early January and run to the middle of March with a couple missed Saturdays due to Bonspiels.
  • New Fall Session curlers may register until the end of October.  After that, curlers are encouraged to join in January with registration ending January 24th.
  • Registration and payment need to be completed on-line prior to any junior curler starting their first class in October and January.
    • As part of the on-line registration, parents will be asked to read and electronically sign an Informed Consent/Waiver form and a COVID Safety form.
    • Payment for lessons can be made on-line using a debit/credit card.  Payments can be made with cheque or cash at the rink but this is being discouraged this year.
  • ALL Junior curlers MUST wear a helmet.  Hockey, skiing or biking helmets are all acceptable.
  • All Teen curlers are encouraged to have some form of head protection, a helmet being a great choice.  A new form of curling head protection is called a “halo”, which a couple of members do wear.  These help reduce/eliminate concussions in case of a fall.
  • Curlers should wear warm, stretchy clothing, consider wearing a pair of thin gloves, and MUST carry in a clean pair of runners that they will wear on the ice.
  • The curling club supplies all other needed equipment (sliders, grippers, brooms).
  • Parents are welcome to stay and watch but this year new rules will apply.
  • Due to COVID-19 a few changes need to be made:
    • All children and parents are required to wear a mask when in the “common” areas of the club (entrance way, downstairs lobby, locker rooms, washrooms, downstairs bleachers, upstairs lounge).
      • Curlers will not be expected to wear their mask while on the ice curling.
    • Hand sanitizer will be available and everyone is encouraged to use it.
    • All club equipment will need to be sanitized both before and after every session.  Curlers will be taught how to do this and will be responsible to clean their own equipment.
    • All non-related curlers and spectators are required to socially distance at all times.
    • If a child and/or someone in their household is ill that family may not participate in lessons and must not attend lessons that week.
      • Please use the same 7 symptoms of illness as expected at your child’s school (Fever, Chills, Cough or worsening chronic cough, Shortness of breath, Loss of sense of smell or taste, Diarrhea, Nausea and/or vomiting) to judge the health of children and adults.

Days, Times, and Start/End dates

  • Lil’ RocketsAges 7 – 9 year olds (born in 2011 – 2013).  Saturdays, 9 – 10:00am.
    • Fall SessionStarts on Saturday, October 24th and runs to Saturday, December 12th.
      • Fall Session fee is $50 + tax + $10 CurlBC fee.
    • Winter SessionStarts on Saturday, January 9th and runs to Saturday, March 6th.
      • No lessons on February 13th.
      • Winter Session is $50 + tax.  New curlers must also pay the $10 CurlBC fee.
  • Kidz Rockin –  Ages 10 – 12 year olds (born in 2008 – 2010).  Saturdays, 10:30 – noon.
    • Fall SessionStarts on Saturday, October 24th and runs to Saturday, December 12th.
      • Fall Session fee is $60 + tax +$10 CurlBC fee.
    • Winter SessionStarts on Saturday, January 9th and runs to Saturday, March 6th.
      • No lessons on February 13th.
      • Winter Session is $60 + tax.  New curlers must also pay the $10 CurlBC fee.
  • Tweens & TeensStudents in Grades 7 – 12.  Tuesdays, 3:45 – 5:15pm.
    • Fall SessionStarts on Tuesday, October 20th and runs to Tuesday, December 8th with one Saturday on December 12th.
      • Fall Session fee is $70 + tax + $20 CurlBC fee.
    •  Winter SessionStarts on Tuesday, January 12th and runs to Tuesday, March 1st with one Saturday on March 6th.
      • Joint “games day” on March 6th with all Junior & Teen curlers to wrap up the season.
      • Winter Session is $70 + tax.  New curlers must also pay the $20 CurlBC fee.

Please tell your friends, and if you have a child who will be joining, get them to bring a friend and try it out  …..  it is always a lot of fun!!

Just a reminder that all Junior curlers MUST wear a helmet on the ice, so along with clean indoor runners, warm & stretchy clothing, possibly some thin gloves, don’t forget your helmet and your enthusiasm!