Junior & Teen Curling

Again this year we will be having a league for Junior Curlers (7 – 12 years) and Teen Curlers (Grade 7 – 12 students).  Our Coach, Rick Miller, is a trained and certified curling coach who engages players in dynamic drills, skill development and games at all levels.  He looks forward to welcoming all past players and new-comers to another exciting season of curling.

Program Information

  • There will be two Junior lessons based on age.  This gives curlers a chance to learn with others similar to them.
  • There will be one Teen time for all Gr. 7 – 12 students.  We hope to form a team and travel to at least one bonspiel this year.
  • There will be 2 sessions for each of the groups giving new curlers a chance to sign up part way through the year.
    • Fall Session is from mid October to mid December.
    • Winter Session will start in early January and run to the end of February.
  • New curlers may register until the end of October.  After that, curlers are encouraged to join in January.
  • Registration and payment will be on the first day curlers attend classes in October and January.
    • Parents to fill out a Registration form, an Informed Consent/Waiver form, and pay for lessons at this time.
  • Payment for lessons can be made with cash, cheque or debit/credit card.
  • ALL Junior curlers MUST wear a helmet.  Hockey, skiing or biking helmets are all acceptable.
  • All Teen curlers are encouraged to have some form of head protection, a helmet being a great choice.  A new form of curling head protection is called a “halo”, which a couple of members do wear.  These help reduce/eliminate concussions in case of a fall.
  • Curlers should wear warm, stretchy clothing, consider wearing a pair of thin gloves, and MUST carry in a clean pair of runners that they will wear on the ice.
  • The curling club supplies all other needed equipment (sliders, grippers, brooms)

Days, times, and starting/ending dates

  • Lil’ Rockets – Ages 7 – 9 year olds (born in 2010 – 2012).  Saturdays, 9 – 10:15am.  Fall Session is $50 + $10 CurlBC fee = $60.
    • Start on Saturday, October 19th and run to Saturday, December 14th.
    • No lessons on November 30th.
  • Kidz Rockin -Ages 10 – 12 year olds (born in 2007 – 2009).  Saturdays, 10:30 – noon.  Fall Session is $60 +$10 CurlBC fee = $70.
    • Start on Saturday, October 19th and run to Saturday, December 14th.
    • No lessons on November 30th.
  • Tweens & Teens – Students in Grades 7 – 12.  Tuesdays, 3:45 – 5:15pm.  Fall Session is $60 + $20 CurlBC fee = $80.
    • Start on Tuesday, October 15th and run to Tuesday, December 10th.
    • No lessons during the Fall Break (Nov. 12th)

Please tell your friends, and if you have a child who will be joining, get them to bring a friend and try it out  …..  it is always a lot of fun!!

Just a reminder that all Junior curlers MUST wear a helmet on the ice, so along with clean indoor runners, warm & stretchy clothing, possibly some thin gloves, don’t forget your helmet and your enthusiasm!