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We are so honoured to have Rick Hansen at the Curling Center on Thursday, June 29th to officially open and recognize all the work that the members of our club have been doing.  With the installation of our new elevator, which reaches all 3 levels of the curling center, the new automated accessibility front door, the new wheelchair accessible washroom, and other modifications that are being planned, the Williams Lake Curling Center truly is making headway on being a totally accessible building for the citizens of our community and our visitors.  There were countless hours spent writing grant proposals, members volunteering time for demolition to make room for the elevator, and members volunteering time for the finishing carpentry/painting of the project in many areas.  Any effort, small or large, to make this happen is really appreciated!

We will kick everything off at 2pm, as an Elder from the Williams Lake Indian Band will officially welcome everyone.  Following that, Mike Pedersen (President of the WLCC) will say a few words and then invite local dignitaries and grant sponsors to say a few words.  Once this is done Rick will officially recognize the accessibility project with his own speech and by cutting a ribbon at our elevator.

Everyone is welcome, and encouraged, to attend the ceremony and stay afterwards for some socializing in our lounge.  Beverages and treats will be available.  Rick will leave around 3:15 to head over to the Tourism Center to be recognized there and to open the new Rick Hansen exhibit that has been developed.


It came as a big surprise that our Williams Lake Curling Center was voted CurlBC’s “Curling Center of the Year” award at their AGM on June 8th in Chilliwack.  As a club that only has 1 part time employee, and many … many volunteers, the members all know how much work everyone does, and what a great club we have because of all the diligent volunteers.  CurlBC also recognized this, as well as what we’ve done over the past number of years to stay progressive, start new programs for youth and adults, and truly embrace the process of becoming a fully accessible place where both curlers and community members are welcomed, and able, to be a part of.

Below are the merritts of our Curling Center, and we’re proud to have been recognized in this way and certainly hope to live up to this as we forge new paths in the future.  Congratulations to all our members, and thanks to our community for supporting us so much along the way!  Please click the link below to learn more.




May 1st, 2019

UPDATE – The two areas that have been completed in the Fall of 2022 were the renovations of the downstairs women’s bathroom to make it completely accessible, and the installation of new front doors, which make our curling center accessible with electronic door openers.

Spring/Summer 2022 – As you may already know, the WLCC has been very active in pursuing grants and other funding in order to complete our accessibility project of installing an elevator, improving our entrance/exit doors, and updating our washrooms to accomodate all people at our club.  We have now completed phase 1 (elevator) and once contractors become available we will be getting to the next two phases. 

Elevator completed – September 15th, 2022

This is very exciting for our club as we can accomodate new groups of curlers and allows more opportunities for rental of our upstairs lounge and rink area.  Thanks to the Executive members hard work on procurring grants and to the contractors who made this project happen so quickly  ….  it’s a great way to start a new season  ….  with new and exciting opportunities!

Many thanks to the volunteers who helped with the building demolition, and with the carpentry and painting of the elevator, washroom, and front doors, as well as those individuals who sought out and wrote grants on our behalf.  This project is coming along very well at this time.