Curling Fees

Curling Fees & Club Information

The Williams Lake Curling Club will officially open for the year on Monday, October 4th, 2021.  This is an “open” week for all players to come down and get in some practice before the leagues officially start on Tuesday, October 12th.  All league fees will be paid on-line again this year, and should be done prior to the end of September so that league and club organizers can get the leagues set-up prior to their start on October 12th.  Please visit our “Curling IO” page for registration details and directions.  Please note – If you are having difficulty with Curling IO, and/or don’t have access to a computer, please see our Manager, Ken Hall, before the end of September.

We also ask that team Skips/Captains phone or email the club to register their team roster sometime during the month of September.

All weekday evening league fees, the Capital Improvement Fund fee, and lockers, are subject to a 5% GST, which is added upon registration. 

Please note – The Affiliation Fee & the Capital Improvement fee are only paid once/person/year therefore when players are in more than one league they will only be charged the League Fee for second and subsequent leagues.  Please see below for discounts if members sign up for multiple leagues.

Please noteThe fees listed below are for teams with 4 players.  If your team will have more than 4 players it is up to the Skip, with the help of our Manager, Ken Hall, to work out how much per person the fees will be.  There are examples below to help with this.

Please noteFees listed below have been adjusted for the length of games as well as for the number of games/year/league in an effort to have balanced fees across leagues.

img_hack_to_hackSocial League – Monday Nights (6 end games)

  • Full Season $262.50/person + $20 affiliation/person

Sponsors League, Ladies League, Mens League – Tuesday to Thursday Nights (8 end games)

  • Full Season: $341.25/person + $20 affiliation/person

Mixed-Open League – Fridays (8 end games)

  • Full Season $315.00/person +$20 affiliation/person

Stick Curling League – Monday morning & Thursday afternoon

  • $5/person/session +$20 affiliation/person

Junior League & Teen League

  • For 1.25 hour lessons fees will be $50/session/person + GST.  Curlers must pay a yearly Affiliation Fee of $10/person.
  • For 1.5 hour lessons, fees will be $60/session/person + GST.  Curlers must pay a yearly Affiliation Fee of $10/person if 12 years of age or younger.  If a curler is 13 years or older the Affiliation Fee is $20/curler/year.
  • For more info click here:  Junior & Teen Curling.

Drop-In Curling – Saturdays from 7pm – 10pm

  • $10/person (non-members)
  • Members are free but are encouraged to bring friends to try out the sport of curling.

Mixed Doubles – Night, Time and Fees yet to be determined

  • $Fee + $20 affiliation/player

Capital Improvement Fee

As per the Annual General meeting held April 22, 2015, the Board of Directors implemented a yearly “Capital Improvement Fee” of $20.00 per person per year. These fees will be set aside for the improvement of the Curling Club as determined each year by the Board.


Spare Fees

  • Non-members: $10.00 per game + a 1 time $20 Affiliation Fee
  • Members: No Spare Fee if entered into at least one of our week night leagues.

Locker Fees – Bring your own lock.

  • General Membership – $24.00 per year + GST – Members may keep their lockers year round and do not need to remove their items at the end of the curling season.
  • Tweens & Teens Lessons – $12.00 per year + GST – Must remove all equipment and vacate the locker at the end of the curling season.
  • Junior Curlers – No charge – Juniors have a separate dressing room.  Must take home all personal equipment/helmets at the end of the season.

Frequency Discount

  • Any person who is a new member of the Williams Lake Curling Club will receive 30% off their league fees.  If registered in more than one league this will be deducted from your least expensive league.
  • Any person who is curling in more than one league pays full price for their most expensive league and will receive 20% off for their second league, and 40% off for their third and subsequent leagues.

Team Curling Fees Examples

If your team has fewer, or more than, 4 members then this section may help you calculate the fees for each of your team members.  Team Fees only apply to teams that have less than 4, or more than 4, players. The example below is for a team of 6 players registered in one of the Tuesday – Thursday leagues.   The team has determined that each of the players will pay an equal fee.  The league fee ($341.25/person) is multiplied by 4 and then divided by 6.  The affiliation fee ($20/person) is then added to this, as is the applicable GST taxes of 5%.

Team fee       4 x $341.25/6 = $1365.00/6 = $227.50

Add Affiliation Fee      $227.50 + $20 = $247.50

GST/person            $247.50 + 5% = $259.88

Add CurlBC Affiliation Fee  $259.88 + $20

Total per person $279.88

While the example above is for a team that is equally sharing the team fee, it is up to the team’s discretion to determine who pays how much (examples:  divide equally amongst players, prorate certain players to pay more/less due to their playing time, etc.)  The important part for the club is that full payment of fees is recieved one week prior to the start of league play.

Teams with only 3 players are responsible for the full team fee of 4 players plus the Affiliation and Capital Improvement fees for each of the 3 players.  Any player picked up to fill the 4th spot must be an affiliated player.  If a permanent player is picked up after the season begins it is up to the team to work out any fee refunds and/or payments amongst themselves.