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At a recent Board Meeting all of our COVID-19 plans for a safe return to the sport of curling in October were ratified.  It is important to note that some parts of members returning to curling will be much different than in previous years and that members need to familiarize themselves with them by reading the documents given in the article further down this page.  As well, there will be time for “team” practices during the first couple weeks of curling as the official games do not commence until week 3.  Stick Curling will also commence on Thursday, October 15th and the Junior leagues will start during the 2nd week of the season.  For more info on all leagues click on the tabs at the top of this page.  Unfortunately we are not allowed to offer any drop-in sessions so our very popular Saturday Drop-In Curling is on hold for now.  Stay tuned as this may change sometime throughout the season.

The first step that all members MUST take is to register on-line.  Please see the next article on how to use our new registration program.  It’s called Curling I/O.  We are also encouraging members to pay on-line using the secure payment option.  For teams with more than 4 members this will take a few extra steps – please see the article below for complete registration details.

When members return to the rink they will notice a lot of different things like signs, directional arrows, social distancing markers, and the way our new game will be played.  The modifications will center around the items listed below.  A brief description has been given here:

  1. Physical health –  If you are not feeling 100% then go home!  Just one sick member can affect the health of the whole club so it’s up to each of us to respect the rest of our members and not come to the rink if we’re not healthy.  Every time anyone enters the rink they will have to sign a document stating they are COVID symptom free.  This is a health check, as well as a very important document for contact tracing, if it is ever needed.
  2. Social distancing – A 2m social distance for every member is required at all times while at the rink.  This is easy to measure as it’s two broom/arm lengths away.  
  3. Wearing masks – For everyone’s safety, it is mandatory to wear a mask in all parts of the curling club except the ice surface and once you’re seated in the lounge!  Even while on the ice you should have your mask ready just in case a 2m distance can’t be maintained.  If you are not willing to wear a mask you are not allowed to enter the curling club.  This includes all Senior and Junior curling members, and all guests (family, spectators, etc).  Please bring your own mask if at all possible.  Masks will be provided at the club at a cost of $1/mask.  They are not reusable.
  4. Disinfecting – High touch areas have been determined and extra cleaning of those areas will be done regularly.
  5. Hand sanitizing/washing – Club members and guests will notice a lot of hand sanitizer available for use.  Members are encouraged to wash and/or sanitize their hands often and are asked to avoid touching their facial area with their hands.  
  6. Flow of people while in the club – There are markers on the floors for direction of flow in the lobby area, the stairs leading to the lounge, and in the lounge.  These must be obeyed!  There are also markers in the entrance/boot room for 2m social distancing.  Again, these MUST be obeyed.  The parking lot will now be used as our “muster” area as only a limited number of members may be in the boot/entrance area at one time.  While in the parking lot with others please remember to use social/physical distancing protocols.
  7. Once inside – Members are expected to come to the rink dressed to curl.  Locker rooms may be visited briefly to get brooms/shoes and then curlers must go to the downstairs bleachers where markers for seating are given.  Entrance to the sheets of ice from the bleachers will be from both end doors (by sheets A & F) as well as by the main entry doors (by sheets C & D).  2m social distancing must be maintained while going on to, and coming off of, the ice.
  8. Club vs personal equipment – We strongly encourage all returning members, for their own safety, to purchase their own equipment.  Both Canadian Tire and Source For Sports have curling brooms, shoes, sliders, and grippers for sale.  Crutches and step-on sliders may be purchased on-line from any of the numerous curling supply companies. 
    1. Anyone who uses any club equipment will be expected to disinfect them both before and after their game.  They will be available, but returning members are asked to purchase their own equipment to help us reduce the risk of spreading the virus throughout the club.
  9. Game Management – This is explained in the document below from the Delta Thistle Club.  Three things to note is that only 3 players on a team are involved in active play at any given time, only 1 of the skips will do the score-keeping for both teams, and teams do not clean the ice after their games as the Ice-Techs will now do this.
  10. Coming to the rink – Due to limited space most leagues will be starting in shifts this year.  Members who arrive earlier than their given time must wait in their cars until it’s their turn to enter.  All times are those that appear on our cell phones.
    1. First draw – arrive between 6:40 and 6:45pm.  Game starts at 6:50pm.
    2. Second draw – arrive between 6:50 and 6:55pm.  Game starts at 7:00pm.
    3. Third draw – arrive between 7:00 and 7:05pm.  Game starts at 7:10pm.
  11. Time-LineThere will be NO early October practice sessions this year.  The first day for all leagues, except the Monday Night League, will be on their respective days during the week of October 13th – 16th.  The Monday Night League starts on October 19th.  This first week may require shifts and your League Coordinator will communicate these details with you.  The first couple of weeks will be for getting used to a new way of doing things and for team practices  …  no games during these times.  Once again, your League Coordinator will communicate to you starting times and sheets to be used.  The lounge will be opened starting October 13th.  While we would like dues paid by your first day of curling we know this may not be possible this year as we are all getting used to a new system.  If you are having problems please talk to Ken Hall (email or phone club or drop in – see #12 below) and pay dues as soon as you can.  
  12. Registration help needed? – The front doors and lobby will be open on Wednesday, October 7th and Thursday, October 8th from 6 – 8pm.  This is for people who are having difficulty registering on-line as well as people who must pay in person.  Please social distance and wear a mask if you come to the club at any time!  The ice portion of the rink will NOT be open on those days!  Please let Ken Hall know you are coming to the rink by either phoning or emailing the club ahead of time, with your expected time of arrival.

As has been present in previous website entries and on our Facebook page, we ask for your patience, your cooperation, your common sense, your social distance and your good health.  It is expected that once we all get back to the rink and try out our new plan that some changes will be forthcoming.  Checking this website, as well as the email you supplied to the club during registration, will be very important over the next number of weeks.  Good curling to everyone!


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