We’ve waited soooooo long, but it’s finally here  ….  the curling season begins on October 12th @ 7pm!!!  The usual leagues and times are poised to start play right after the Thanksgiving Holiday.  More info on the leagues, dates, fees, etc can be found under the proper headings above or to the right.  Also included in this section are all the new “Communicable Diseases” (this replaces the words COVID-19) guidelines, procedures, and protocols for this Fall.  The one change that all members must abide by is the showing of their Vaccine Passport upon entry into the curling club.  As per the rules outline in the most recent Public Health Order, only vaccinated members may participate at this time.  Please be prepared with your passport and Driver’s License on your first day of curling.

It is further great news that we can enjoy “normal” curling this season.  What that means is that all curling rules have been restored and almost everything that we could do before the pandemic is now back.  A couple things that haven’t changed are:  No handshakes before or after a game ….. touch only your own rocks during the game ….. sanitize club equipment after using it ….. wear a mask in the “common” areas of the curling club.  The wearing of a mask while on the ice is left to the discretion of the individual curlers.  Good curling to everyone.

The Board & Manager have worked very hard to produce a safe and secure venue for your curling enjoyment.  We ask that everyone follow the few rules still left in place and be respectful of all the volunteers at the club.  We hope to everyone soon!


Return to Curling – Coming to the Rink – Fall 2021

Return to Curling – On the Ice – Fall 2021

Return to Curling – Coming off the Ice.Fall 2021

Williams Lake Curling Club COVID-19 Safety Plan – Fall 2021

Williams Lake-Illness-Policy – Fall 2021

WLCC Outbreak Policy (2) 2021 – Fall 2021.docx

WLCC Bar – Covid Plan Website Oct 11_21